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Mercury Switches

1) Small Twin Switch

Small Twin Switch

Small Switch With Twin Electrodes
Very small switch with twin end electrodes.

3) Changeover Switch

Changeover Switch

Three Contact Changeover Switch
Three contact changeover switch.

5) Two Contact Switch

Two Contact Switch

Two Contact Mercury Switch
Two contact mercury switch.

2) Heavy Duty Switch

Heavy Duty Switch

Heavy Duty Switch
Heavy duty mercury switch with porcelain anti-flash liner.

4) Two Contact Switch

Two Contact Switch

Two Contact Switch
A two contact mercury switch is an on/off switch.

6) Triple Wire Switch

Triple Wire Switch

Triple Wire Switch With Porcelain Liner.
Triple wire switch with double porcelain .

Special Applications


As the contacting medium is a fluid, the mercury switch lends itself to the impulsing either each way of tilt, or one way only ie no pulse on return. One or more pulses can be supplied in a single tube and the period can be varied withinwide limits by the angle of tilt, length of tube etc.

Time delay

The same principle that makes impulsing possible also provides a consistent and reliable method of providing delay-make and delay-break actions, either singly or together in one tube. Also, one tube can be supplied to provide many contacts to be switched in at pre-determined time intervals to each other.

Silent switching

Mercury switches are silent in action and are well suited to hospitals, churches and anywhere a silent function is required.

Level and angle control

The level or any angle can be maintained easily by mounting a mercury switch in such a way that any deviation from the desired position will bring the restoring mechanism into operation until the contacts are separated.