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Soldering Stations

878 D 936A SL 938 SL 960
Volts 24V 24V 24V 24V
Wattage station 50W 50W 60W 60W
Transformer 24V, 2A 26V, 2A 26V, 2A 26V, 2A
Temp. range 200ºC-480ºC 200ºC-480ºC 200ºC-480ºC 200ºC-500ºC
Bits Premium Premium Premium Premium
Solder wire Lead Free Lead free Lead free Lead free
Panel Digital Knob Knob Digital Knob Digital push button
Features Soldering Iron with hot air gun Temperature Control Temperature Control with sleep Manage system
Warranty 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months